Ogle Noor


Ogle Noor Ltd is a leading international design consultancy, established by David Ogle in 1954. Ogle Noor is the longest running Industrial Design Consultancy in the UK.

Our involvement in DesignHub*Norway brings us closer and helps strengthen the relationships to our Scandinavian clients. We have successful experience designing a wide range of products including domestic appliances, furniture, lighting, sports equipment, consumer goods, electronic- and medical equipment.

We also specialise in transportation design ranging from cars, trucks, boats, aircrafts to all sorts of public transport. Ogle Noor has a correspondingly wide knowledge of different industries; manufacturing process and materials. Designing icons for decades, we believe in combining design and innovation. www.oglenoor.com



Herman Tandberg
Phone : + 47 64 94 36 00
Email: post@oglenoor.com